1. tariiq:

    swiming pool.

    anyone know who this artist is? tariiq ??

  2. File under: “Women and Violence” ?! #NotWithoutMyDaughter  RT  Femmes et violences pour la  

  3. "Alice Is In Arabia, And The Rest Of Us Hold Our Breath"

  4. Kitaab- Burqas, Baseball, and Apple Pie

  5. Burqa Avenger meets Grim Reaper. Istanbul.

  6. This F. Bhutto cover very different than Teh cover of my F. Bhutto book.

  7. slightlyignorant:

    Knowledge is the first thing to be controlled. This graffiti is terrifyingly beautiful.

    (via ankurthakkar)

  8. Behind teh Veil #kitaab

  9. A Glimpse through Purdah #kitaab

  10. bollywoodvintage:

    Venus Queen